There comes a time when it becomes necessary to pull oneself up beyond the familiar and surrender, wrapped awhile in blinding strands of uncertainty about the form that life has taken.

There comes a time when it is fully appropriate to withdraw from established patterns of opportunistic groping towards unreachable fulfillment.

There comes a time when the deep desire for "more" no longer references external things.

There comes a time when it feels natural to dissolve Self-limiting beliefs and structures.

Then, in time, comes the unprecedented experience of emerging into an unfettered and exemplary life, aloft on the supportive currents of Heaven.

Chrysalis Studio is a maximally conducive environment for allowing the creative process to be experienced as transformational on psychological, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal and transpersonal levels.

This multi-purpose workspace supports the studio practice and healing-art endeavors of Frances A. Smokowski, artist, author and Board Certified art therapist. Here, original paintings, drawings, collages and hand illuminated books are produced as a function of mindfulness, trance and other devotional practices. Through these works spiritual principles and metaphysical truths are embodied. The resultant images carry and transmit positive messages and the energy of enlightening connection to a Creative Source, personally accessed and understood.

Through Chrysalis Studio a range of supportive services are made available for creative individuals and groups. Collaborative projects, informed by Ms. Smokowski’s 20 years of experience facilitating authentic Self-expression and the lasting impact of creative growth, are designed through Chrysalis for implementation outside the studio in public settings. These very special projects support non-profit organizations and private agencies in generating supplemental funding for their own exemplary programs and services which meet essential needs in our community.

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