Chrysalis Studio offers highly individualized art lessons which nurture the aesthetic drives, personal interests and unique spirit in gifted, talented and special needs children. Studio sessions are child-centered and focus on building technical competency in a holistic and developmentally appropriate manner that exponentially expands the child's creative potential, expressive power and personal satisfaction. Children are received in a truly non-judgmental manner, receiving whatever degree of external structure is appropriate to facilitate their optimal functioning.

In addition to expertise in facilitating the natural, artistic development of children, Ms. Smokowski may afford students who are ready access to very specialized tutoring in Fine Art Academy-level rendering approaches, artistic anatomy and the use of archival materials as well as historic techniques.

Lessons may commence individually, in sibling groups or in specially created social dyads. After-school scheduling is available, as are weekend lessons.

For very young children, handicapped accessibility, or if an alternate environment is preferred, Ms. Smokowski will commute to provide art lessons in the home, in a private studio and/or in New York City's world class museums. The latter being an option only after the child is well adjusted to Ms. Smokowski.

Private Art lessons are billed at $100 per hour. 
One hour Lessons are advisable for children under 8 years old.
Two hour lessons are preferred for children of normal attention span over 8 years old.
Longer sessions may be recommended for teens serious about art careers.
An additional per child fee of $50 is added to the hourly rate for dyads and groups. 
(For example, a sibling dyad would be $150 for the hour, $250 for 2 hours.)

When working outside of Chrysalis Studio, a reasonable transit fee may be involved.

For work in Museums, a field trip fee of $50 in addition to the hourly rate will cover both transit time and any special arrangements necessary with Museum staff.

When appropriate, sliding scale payments may be arranged for select students.

Scheduling priority will be given for students who attend lessons regularly. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly arrangements are all welcome.

When working inside or outside Chrysalis Studio supply costs vary by project. Often Ms. Smokowski provides supplies. However, a materials fee or reimbursement of reasonable costs of special supplies may be necessary for archival supplies, framing or extraordinary, specialty materials.


Chrysalis Studio offers expert consultation services for artists, art students, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers and other enthusiastic creatives who wish to secure confidential assistance with:

  • Developing personal imagery and an authentic imaginal voice
  • Honing psychological sophistication and intentionally in crafting visual communications
  • Increasing Self-confidence in navigating intuitive processes
  • Sustainable studio practices that bring ease and spontaneity to the creative process
  • Facility in accessing transpersonal wisdom, unlimited inspiration & heightened intuition
  • Effectively coping with creative flow, ebb, flux, cycles and personal rhythms
  • Transcending patterns of self-sabotage (for those who are already addiction-free)
  • Preparing for and implementing the launch of a successful fine art career
  • Portfolio review and portfolio development
  • Nurturing conviction, determination and persistence to succeed against "the odds"
  • Establishing personal excellence and Self-defined standards
  • Holding a truly non-judgmental space that fosters open exploration and experimentation
  • Exploration of Fine Art making as a dogma-free spiritual practice

Private consultation sessions at Chrysalis Studio are customized based on information a person provides in the first meeting. In formed by Ms. Smokowski's 20years of experience facilitating personal growth, experiential exercises are intuitively guided. Outcomes may vary based on the accuracy of initial information offered and the individual’s level of dedication to engaging and practicing the exercises. Consequently, specific results cannot be guaranteed on any particular time table, or at all. However, great care will be taken to support each person's unique process and pace so that holistic and lasting progress may be made.

Services involving art-based spiritual practices are not religious in nature. Wisdom from an array of spiritual traditions may be presented just as any dogmatic prescriptions that block individual growth may, as needed, be addressed. Chrysalis Studio's consultation services exist to provide support for people who seek to explore how their own creative process may become and remain a deeply gratifying way to experience the Sacred and the Divine in balanced living and in worldly success.


Consultation on studio based curriculum and best practices across the developmental spectrum, from early childhood through Master's Level course work, is available through Chrysalis Studio. Ms. Smokowski's recommendations are informed by over 25 years of experience with Fine Art, art education, art therapy and alternative healing as applied to normative and special needs populations.


College level courses developed through Chrysalis Studio offer exposure to key psychological, metaphysical and ontological principles that harness the potential of both visualized and realized images. In depth experiential exercises, presentations and discussions support students in creating highly distinctive work from personally meaningful studio practices. In the process, each student/artist expands and refines their effectiveness in visual communication, grounded authenticity and contemporary relevance. Coursework culminates in a mastery of techniques that catalyze personal and/or social change through image making.

Courses under development now include:

  • Insight, Inspiration & Invocation: Process Approaches to Developing Personal Imagery
  • Impact: conscious interface between personal expression and social responsibility

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